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In Cadence Love

In Cadence

In Cadence Love Book 1 in the Freedom Fighters series
Cooming soon: Spring 2020

In Cadence Love Book 1 in the Freedom Fighters series

Set in 1979, Katie is a recently married small town girl, who enlists in the army in a desperate act to keep her home on the Oregon Coast out of foreclosure. Her husband, a lanky, sexy, gentle spirited crooner is the main attraction at a local bar where his band has a regular gig. Kris is also a Vietnam veteran who will always support the warrior, but never the war. When he learns that Katie has enlisted, he is determined, despite military regulations against it, to follow her to Missouri where she will undergo basic training.


"A rule is merely a suggestion," he tells her when she tries to stop him.


At basic he has confrontations with her drill sergeants and also her new pro-military friends, and the more she embraces her role as a soldier, the more he reveals his tortured war secrets. As tension builds between them, the peace activist and his gung-ho soldier girl desperately fight to stay in love.


"Jesus, Katie... you've upended the apple cart…"


This fictional tale, inspired by the author's own military experiences in basic training during the seventies, is a love story as much as it is a military story about women in the army during the early years of co-ed training.


This is book 1 of the Author's new Freedom Fighters series.

"If you can keep your head,"  Kris had cautioned her before she left, "When everyone around you  is losing theirs..."  It was one of the last things he’d said to her before they parted ways.
“You just might have a chance  at making it through   their voodoo magic   without going insane  or changing as a person.”
He drew her into a kiss that ended their conversation  before he started a new one.   "Just don't let cupid send you any misguided arrows,  okay?"
                                               The popping of rifles  filled the air on each side of her.   For a moment, Katie could imagine herself at war.  She expended the four remaining rounds of ammunition she had left in her magazine.  Every bullet  knocked a silhouette down.
He pulled her into his body and held her up close.   "Like that ain't a turn off, hearing the woman you love screaming how  she wants to kill somebody."
Regardless of his distaste for what he’d just seen and heard, his mouth settled over hers and he drew her into a breathless kiss.   "Does it matter who it is, or do  you just want to kill for the sake of killing?"
“I wouldn't want you getting  to the end  of your life,  regretting that it was my life  you lived,  not yours."