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Something to Cherish

Something to Cherish
Book 2 in the Second Chance series.

They met as children and became high school sweethearts before they were forced to part ways. When they unexpectedly meet as adult attorneys and rekindle their childhood love for each other, they get a second chance at happiness. But life is more complicated now for Mary and Ian, and happiness is not guaranteed. It may not even be possible.

Having raised a mentally disabled daughter on his own, Ian is exhausted from the effort and badly in need of down time. But a parental time-out may not be in his future, when new parental demands are placed on the couple. Adding more pressure to their unraveling happiness, Ian's mentally disabled daughter presents unexpected parental concerns while her mentally disabled husband puts all of their financial stability at risk. And someone from Ian's past threatens the stability of Mary's long awaited, marital bliss.

"Boy do you have dangerous blinders on," Mary points out to Ian one evening.
But Ian sees things differently. "This is what you do. You create problems that don't even exist, just to have something to worry about."

Which is not at all how Mary sees it. "And this is what you do; you dismiss all of your problems so you have nothing to worry about."

Can the two childhood sweethearts who loved each other even when they were apart from each other, keep it together while everything else in their newly aligned world seems to pull them apart?

Something to Cherish, the second book in the Second Chance series, picks up where Something to Remember ends.

It can also be read as a stand alone.