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Something to Navigate

Available on Amazon as a pre-oder on Kindle.
Scheduled Release Date: January 31, 2021.

Ian and Mary have it all; a happy marriage, two sweet kids, a delightful granddaughter, successful careers as attorneys, and a great home life on their mini-farm where Ian's cognitively impaired adult daughter and her similarly impaired husband also live. The only pickle in their happy existence is Ian's ex-wife who often stays on their property to help raise their shared granddaughter.


When an old high school friend who is now a doctor, contacts Ian regarding a medical research project involving cognitively impaired adults, everyone's happy existence becomes threatened. When they were in high school, Wally had a crush on Mary, even though she and Ian were a couple. It complicated the teenage relationship, but now that they are all adults, the boyhood rivalries are over. Or are they?


Enter Ian's ex-wife. Elizabeth is conniving, available, and interested in Wally. She is also drop-dead gorgeous and an expert at delivering a wave off and a come-on all at once. As her presence infiltrates Wally's life, relationships are tested, friendships are betrayed, and everyone's happy home life hangs in the balance.


This is a multiple layered love story about family life, friendships, betrayal, healing and second chances.


This is the third book in the author's Second Chance Series. Something to Navigate, picks up where Something to Cherish ends but it can also be read as a stand-alone story.