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I write in black and white but see my characters in living color. If I've done my job well... you too, will see them in living color. You will also feel like they're very much alive.



Fictional characters can linger in a person's soul when their stories feel as if they have actually happened.


Suzanne Pederson has been creating such tales for most of her life. She loves to write about characters falling in love, and often writes stories involving married couples whose love is tested. She believes that a good story can magically show readers how surviving difficult circumstances can be uplifting and empowering. Her stories often include a military or legal theme.


Story telling is in Suzanne's blood. She is the great-granddaughter of the poet Robert Legg who wrote, "The Future of Seattle", which was published around 1890. Robert Legg was also the father of notorious "Bad Ben Legg". More information can be found about Robert Legg and his family at the Issaquah Museum. (See Quick Links)


Suzanne's grandfather, Roger O'Dwyer, immigrated to America from Ireland in 1921 during the troubles, sponsored by a wealthy aunt who had won a lottery. Suzanne's mother, Patricia O'Dwyer Gilbert, instilled a love of Irish heritage in her children, and brought the family's colorful history to life through years of storytelling, much of which she documented in bound manuscripts.


Suzanne's father, Philip Gilbert, Jr., was also a wonderful story teller who documented his courageous military career as an Air Force pilot who flew numerous treacherous and secret missions in Vietnam and Cambodia during the tumultuous 60s.


Suzanne's fondest childhood memories include an idyllic six year romp through the English countryside that allowed her to form lasting British friendships, and travel throughout Europe with her parents and sisters. The family returned to a California dreaming lifestyle for Suzanne's high school days in the easy-going 70s before moving to the Oregon coast where her lifelong love of coastal waters was born.


Suzanne's sense of adventure continued into adulthood when she and her high school sweetheart patriotically joined the Army at 19, making them one of the first married couples jointly assigned to an army unit, and making her one of the earliest women soldiers in a male/female basic training unit. Suzanne enjoyed three years of active duty as a truck driver before honorably discharging into the Reserves, to focus full time on her new role of mother to her first born child. Nonetheless, her husband's continued military career took the family to Germany which allowed them to tour Europe extensively with their growing family, before returning stateside, first to Oregon, and then to California.


It was during this stay-at-home period of motherhood that Suzanne first began writing stories and creating some of her best friends of a lifetime. Suzanne gets a feeling for her stories through the simple gestures she observes, single expressions that speak louder to her than words, and gripping moments that linger in her mind and heart. Life as we know it turns into expanded story lines involving the kind of people one could only wish to meet in a real life time.


Suzanne has a bachelor's degree from Saint Mary's College of California and a Juris Doctor degree from JFK University. She has a lengthy professional career working in the medical field, the legal field and education. She is a member of the Authors Guild. the Women's National Book Association, and Romance Writers of America; and has lived in England and Germany, and eight different American states. She and her husband recently celebrated their 40th anniversary. They have three children and a growing number of grandchildren.


When she is not working or writing books Suzanne enjoys gardening, swimming, boating, skiing, running, family time, dancing and making wine with her husband, hanging with her children, and playing with her grandchildren.

As a teenager on the Oregon coast.
As a teenager on the Oregon coast.