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Something to Remember - The First book in the Second Chance series.

This is the first book in the Second Chance series.


Mary and Ian knew, even as young children growing up during the Vietnam era, that they were soulmates for life. From the time he first started pulling her pigtails in grade school to the last time they kissed and danced on the eve of their forced break-up, Ian and Mary knew that they were made for each other. But life doesn't always allow soulmates to stay together. When they were forced to part in high school, they assumed it would be forever. When they unexpectedly meet again as adults, they are thrilled to have a second chance at love.

But life is more complicated for both of them now. As attorneys, Ian and Mary find themselves representing opposing parties in a civil lawsuit, while nostalgically recalling a turbulent but care-free past that sets the stage for a rekindled love affair.
"It sounds like you spent our gap years fully embracing the whole, rock and roll, free-love lifestyle like there wasn't a reason not to," Mary sadly points out to him after listening to his tale about the years he'd spent apart from her. But does his disappointing past have to matter to her today? Was it even relevant to their future? Mary wasn't so sure. There was so much goodness that she could still see in Ian today. And they both desperately wanted a future together. They had earned it. They deserved it.

"For me," Ian wistfully responds to her raw observation, "It feels like our last night together could have happened the other night and all we need to do is pick up the conversation from where it was interrupted years ago, as if it all happened yesterday… and just carry on. In which case, I should apologize for barfing all over the place that last night, and then completely falling apart on you." His recollection of their last night together created such a contrast to the competent and confident attorney who sat across from Mary today. That was partly what made Ian so wonderful; there were layers to him that Mary was excited about unpacking.

Something to Remember is the first book in the Second Chance series. Something to Cherish is the second book.

Something to Remember - The First book in the Second Chance series.

Travesty of Justice - The first book in the Starting Over series.

Connor O’Brien is a highly principled, Irish immigrant accused of murder. Laura Stuteker is his contemporary and flawed American attorney, who can justify anything. Their lives become entwined in pursuit of his legal defense, but along the way they also begin an explosive personal relationship.

Travesty of Justice - The first book in the Starting Over series.

Something to Cherish - In the works!  The second book in the Second Chance series. Expected Release later this year.

They met as children and became high school sweethearts before they were forced to part ways. When they unexpectedly meet as adult attorneys and rekindle their childhood love for each other, they get a second chance at happiness. But life is more complicated now for Mary and Ian, and happiness is not guaranteed. It may not even be possible.

Having raised a mentally disabled daughter on his own, Ian is exhausted from the effort and badly in need of down time. But a parental time-out may not be in his future, when new parental demands are placed on the couple. Adding more pressure to their unraveling happiness, Ian's mentally disabled daughter presents unexpected parental concerns of her own, while her mentally disabled husband puts all of their financial stability at risk.


And someone from Ian's past threatens the stability of Mary's long awaited, marital bliss.

"Boy do you have dangerous blinders on," Mary points out to Ian one evening.

But Ian sees things differently. "This is what you do. You create problems that don't even exist, just to have something to worry about."

Which is not at all how Mary sees it. "And this is what you do; you dismiss all of your problems so you have nothing to worry about."

Can the two childhood sweethearts who loved each other even when they were apart from each other, keep it together while everything else in their newly aligned world seems to pull them apart?

Something to Cherish, the second book in the Second Chance series, picks up where Something to Remember ends.


Bend in the Circle - The first book in the Enduring Love series.

A military undercover cop stationed in Germany learns a devastating secret when his wife joins him in Europe. Can their loving marriage survive the aftermath of his vocational cynicism?