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A Political Affair

His political power is threatened by scandal. So is his loving marriage. Can he prove his innocence before his life is ruined?


Graham Gosling is an important man with a big problem. As White House chief of staff, he is advisor to the newly elected President, and also a hands-on father to six children and a devoted husband to Jillian, his beautiful wife of fifteen years. There's a lot on Graham's plate, but nothing he can't handle - until he is unexpectedly implicated in - The Scandal. Everyone is talking about it. The DC Madame who is expected to take a lot of high-powered political operatives down - and nobody has more octane driving their political career than Graham Gosling. But Graham is innocent! If only there wasn't so much evidence against him, like the important dates when he stood Jillian up, the incriminating list on the internet that implicates him in the scandal, and even worse, that phone call that everyone heard, not to mention the horrible grand jury testimony that Graham gave under subpoena. 


Can this high-stakes political operative take back control of an uncontrollable story and make everything right before his life is ruined?