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In Cadence Love - Book 1 in the Freedom Fighters series

Katie is a naive, small town girl who is married to a Vietnam veteran musician. Kris is a peace activist who sings anti-war songs as often as he sings about love. He is sexy, confident, opinionated, and just a bit chauvinistic.


Katie adores everything about him, even his romantic chauvinism. But when she enlists in the army without consulting Kris, in an effort to save them from financial ruin, everything about their relationship is called into question.


As Katie embraces her new military identity and her patriotic role as a soldier, Kris is forced to confront his own military past, and some troubling wartime experiences in Vietnam.


As the two committed souls try and hang onto their love for each other they are faced with military restrictions and regulations, the grueling trials of basic training, Kris' efforts to relaunch his music career in a town far from home, and a few competing love interests who threaten their marriage.


"If you can keep your head," Kris had cautioned Katie, "When everyone around you is losing theirs, you just might have a chance at making it through the drill sergeants' voodoo magic without going insane or changing as a person."


But how can Katie not change when the military is changing everything about her, including her beliefs?


This is a story about patriotic women, disillusioned veterans, romantic musicians, and old-fashioned love.


This fictional tale, inspired by the author's own military service during the seventies, is a love story as much as it is a military story about women going through basic during the early years of co-ed training.