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The Burn Date

He's a firefighter on the brink of doom. She's an ER nurse who is about to save him. But neither one of them wants a romantic relationship. Now what?

As a firefighter, Eli has never fought such an unpredictable and uncontainable fire.  Roaring down the hillside, scorching everything in sight, its heat becomes unbearable, and Eli's efforts to save lives and structures is futile.

As he risks his own life to save others, Eli learns that his sister's family is in peril, and his own home is likely destroyed. To make matters worse, he is burned by falling embers and must leave the firefight to seek medical assistance. 

Amber is a nurse who is tasked with providing medical care for Eli. She has sworn off relationships after a devastating break-up. Nonetheless, she offers Eli a room at her house while he rebuilds his life.  But only if he promises to stay uninvolved in her personal affairs.

When you've sworn off of love and lost everything you ever valued, life can feel empty, but not if you stumble onto the one person in the world who can fill the void with everything you ever needed to feel happy.


Can the firefighter and nurse find happiness together?