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The Court Date - A Legal Romance

Coming Soon!!

(What I'm currently working on!!)

Paisley is a medical student who was once very popular in her home town.

Her mother is a prominent doctor with a renowned reputation. Everyone loves her.

Except she has just been charged with multiple murders.

And now the whole world seems to be following her story.


Brayden is a small town journalist who remembers Paisley from high school.

She's beautiful and way out of his league and somehow Brayden has to land a hometown interview with her.

He's used to writing small town articles - who won the best jelly competition - that sort of thing.

He doesn't do big time stories. But he's just been tasked with covering this trial - and interviewing Paisley.

When he sees her, all he can think about is how beautiful she used to be - and confident.

Today she seems more like a scared waif.

Brayden yearns to protect her from the vultures in the court house who also want an interview.

But Paisley won't talk to him.


So, now what? Can he somehow land that interview and in the process protect her from everyone else who wants an interview?