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The Flipping Date

A realtor, a contractor, and a money-pit of a house flip. What could go wrong?

Mandy Fleming is an experience realtor who just spent her inheritance on her first house-flip - a cute bungalow with good bones. A few cosmetic upgrades and some minor repairs and she should make bank when she sells it. But wait! The minor repairs and cosmetic upgrades turn out to be more costly than she expected, and she doesn't have the time, knowledge, or skillset to do them alone. She needs help, and she needs it fast. She has to sell this place while the market is hot.

Gabriel Jones has just finished a nightmare of a remodel job for a difficult client who demanded change orders on a daily basis for which she is now refusing to pay. His business accounts are running low, his subs need to be paid, and he needs another job to keep his business open. And for once he would like a client who won't test his patience or try his nerves. More importantly he'd like a client who will pay what is owed to him.


When Mandy finds Gabe on the internet, she feels that she's fallen in good hands. He has hundreds of 5* reviews, and he seems reputable, honest, and as an added perk - he's incredibly good looking. She can't wait to hire him.

Gabe is thrilled that Mandy has found him online. Her own bio states that she's a successful realtor and her picture is absolutely adorable. She looks like a fun lady. And by the way - their first phone call is unbelievably flirty. Gabe definitely wants to work with her.

Can this realtor and contractor flip Mandy's house for a profit without going nuts and without falling in love?


A rom-com, house-flipping, home renovation, life altering, love-at-first-sight story.