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Travesty of Justice Book 1 in the Starting Over Series

Starting Over Series  Book 1
Starting Over Series
Book 1

Travesty of Justice 
Book 1 in the Starting Over series.

Travesty of Justice

Bronze/3rd Place award winner in the

2020 Feathered Quill Book Awards Program - Romance category!


Set in the 1990s, Laura Stuteker has achieved the perfect balance to a contemporary lifestyle: a good career as an attorney, marriage to a successful business man, a nice home on the Willamette River, and a loving pup. But when she meets her first murder defendant everything about her perfect life is called into question. Connor O'Brien is an Irish immigrant appearing in an Oregon court for murdering a man who was acquitted of killing Connor's wife and two small daughters in a D.U.I. crash. He has also become a cause celebrity due to media coverage of his case.


When the two meet they have starkly different views about Connor's culpability. He admits the killing and accepts that punishment should be forthcoming; she dismisses his actions as self-defense and strongly believes in her mission to defend him. As his trial unfolds, Laura's perfect life crumbles into chaos. Her marriage is loveless, her professional confidence is shattered, and she is captivated by her noble defendant and everything he stands for. As sparks ignite between them, tempers also flare when his traditional, religious values belly up to her religious indifference and her more liberal beliefs. When they are forced into a pro-life/pro-choice debate, their passionate attraction is threatened by their ardent opposing views and an unwillingness to compromise. When everything explodes around them, they both must face the question of a lifetime: Can two completely different people fall in love while staying true to their own beliefs, without it ruining their chance at starting over?


Travesty in Justice is the First Book in the Starting Over series.
Call of the Emerald Isle is the Second Book. Expected release Winter 2021.