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My Random Thoughts and Observations

Your Warm Embrace

Wrap me in your arms so I'll remember your embrace,
when I'm no longer able to stare at your face.
Speak with the laughter that sings in my ears,
so I can play it back later into the silence of tears.
Stand with your back to the howling wind,
so the fragrance of you can return like a friend.
Let your lips linger on mine,
in a gentle stalling of time.
I adored you before,
I love you now even more.


The hands of my clock push the hours away,
as I drag my sad loneliness through long empty days.
I look for you now through the mist of my morn,
And grieve through the night where my sadness is born.
I can't remember the feel of your face,
I long for the warmth of your protective embrace.
Your laughter is silent in my hollowed mind,
The scent of your body my memory can't find.
Come back to me love, bring a sweet morning kiss,
Put your hand in my palm because that's what I miss.


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